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Hotdesk is a shared office space platform connecting businesses, serviced offices and coworking spaces that with unused desk or meeting room space with entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses that need access to affordable yet professional space, be it for hours, days, weeks or months. This not only frees up cash for everybody but helps to build a collaborative environment where people come together to network, share insights and help each other succeed.


Hotdesk is all about helping businesses share office space, save money and collaborate. Are you an SME, corporate, serviced office operator or coworking space with unused desk or meeting room space?

List your space on Hotdesk and put more money back into your business.


As an entrepreneur, startup or small business you need to be smart with every dollar and steer clear of expensive and inflexible long-term commercial leases.

Hotdesk helps you book professional office space and meeting rooms, whether for an hour, day, week or month. This saves your business money and helps you connect and network with likeminded people.


"We ran a HotDesk Marketing campaign and it generated quite a buzz, our website hits went up and we quickly signed up two new members. It was definitely a value for money spend."  Jay Chubb - Manager, Nest Coworking

"I turned to HotDesk for the camaraderie of a shared office space and for the flexibility offered. Using a platform like HotDesk makes social, business and financial sense for me." Gerry Ardesi - Hotdesker, Financial Services Read More

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